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Quick Idea for Link worthy Content #1: Harry Kane to NFL

Whenever we see an opportunity for iGaming websites to jump on a news trend and pick up some high-quality links, we will tell you about it – unless our clients decide to take the idea first.

On Wednesday 28th March 2019, Tottenham’s Harry Kane announced that he wanted to play in the NFL one day, and the internet appears to love the story, with no less than 185,000 articles on Google News covering the topic (so far).

This is the perfect opportunity for sportsbooks and affiliates to add some colour to this story, create a kick-ass piece of content, and get some backlinks.

When it comes to news stories, you are going to have to move fast, and by the middle of next week, no-one is going to be interested in this topic, so ideally you need to be online with your piece of content by the weekend. It’s Thursday lunchtime, so you had better get a move on 🙂

Here are my suggestions for how to go about it.

For the content itself, the news event itself has already passed, so it’s best at this stage to take the analysis to the next level.

Maybe take a look at Harry’s chances of playing in the NFL one day? After all, you are in betting niches, so it will be acceptable for news sites to link to a gambling-related sites when it comes to the likelihood of Kane playing pro American football.

I would go further and look at how successfully other stars have crossed over to a different sport.

As of Thursday morning, Fox Sports Australia have already done something similar.

But they seem to have focused purely on soccer players trying their hands at different sports and left some great examples out. I would widen the scope of the article to include all kinds of crossovers. Even high-profile failures would be fun to cover here.

Here are my suggestions for which sports crossover stars might appear in your content:

Jonah Lomu (New Zealand rugby union, was offered contract by Dallas Cowboys)

Clive Allen (like Kane, a former Spurs striker, who played professionally for the London Monarchs)

Usain Bolt (Olympic 100m champion, who didn’t quite make it in the Australian A-League)

Deoin Sanders (the only sportsman in history to play in both a Superbowl AND the World Series)

Michael Carter (in 1984, thus guy won a silver medal for the shot putt in the Olympics, and Super Bowl for the San Francisco 49ers)

Luis Enrique (footballer who played for Spain, Barcelona and Read Madrid, then retired and competed in Iron Man events)

That’s six of them, and you can source more here:

This would make a great infographic or video as well as standard text content.

But text is going to be faster to produce and time is of the essence here, so concentrate on that first.

Good luck!





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