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Map infographics, listicles and user engagement metrics – Digital Marketing Review

Post Series: Digital Marketing Review

How to Get High-Quality Backlinks with the TRUST Formula [Case Study] (Ahrefs, 20-minute read)

This post shows you how to create map-based infographics to gain backlinks from big authority sites.

How you can apply this to iGaming:

With many US states in the process of legalizing online casinos, this looks like a perfect opportunity to build an infographic explaining the current situation.

Large, authority news sites may be willing to link back to you if you place the infographic on a blog which isn’t too pushy with casino offers. In the adult niche, Pornhub’s blog gains a lot of backlinks from news sites by providing cool insights, so if they can do it, so can you!


When Bounce Rate, Browse Rate (PPV), and Time-on-Site Are Useful Metrics… and When They Aren’t (Moz, 9-minute video)

Moz’s Rand Fishkin explains why user engagement metrics such bounce rate and dwell time need to be judged in the context of your site’s goals and against your direct competitors. As he points out, the likes of Amazon or Dell probably want a low dwell time as it will show how fast the user found what they wanted and then converted.

How you can apply this to iGaming:

A low dwell time might be bad news for you, but it depends on your business model.

If you are running an affiliate which tries to offer the best current bonuses out there and displays them on your homepage, then a low dwell time might just show how awesome your homepage is at giving the user what they want.

An online casino or sportsbook probably want their visitors to explore past the homepage and spend a while on the site.

An FX broker might develop a lot of regular blog content as a backlinking asset. Here, a low dwell time might show that the content needs to be improved.

It all depends on your business goals – if you have a high conversion rate, then a low dwell time shouldn’t be a problem.

You can use to compare your site with direct competitors and see how you stack up.



8 Secrets that Turn Your List Posts from Boring to Amazing (Thrive Themes Blog, 8-minute video)

Listicles are the most cost-effective and entertaining kinds of content. In the video above, David Gavrilut from Thrive Themes gives us 8 pointers to make them even better. Every copywriter should watch this short video.

How you can apply this to iGaming:

Listicles are a common tactic in building casino content for on-site blogs or in link-building articles.

Unfortunately, 90% of casino listicles are based around either lists of films set in casinos or lists of slot games based around films/TV shows.

This tactic is getting pretty old and screams out that it is likely a bought-link.

How about approaching it from the other way around?

How about listicles based around TV shows or film franchises themselves, with the casino mention just taking a small part of the list?

For example, there is a Game of Thrones online slot game, published by Microgaming and available on most casinos. How about creating a list based around the Game of Thrones TV series?

For example, “The 8 Most shocking moments in Game of Thrones – ranked”, or “The 5 craziest Game of Thrones fan theories”.

At the end of the listicle you can advise fans on some ways to cope with the wait for Season 8 by playing the official online slot, linking to your games lobby if you are an operator, or to your slot review page if you are an affiliate.

This idea is sure to get a lot more shares and have a higher chance of going viral than the typical ‘top 10 casino movies’ listicle.

Sportsbooks might base a listicle around hot topics like, “10 World Cup goals that wouldn’t have been allowed if they had VAR back then”.

FX brokers can make full use of listicles too. Again, base it around current market issues. The Hong Kong dollar peg is coming under pressure right now, so how about, “The 8 most-profitable FX trades of all time”? Here you might include George Soros’s epic win against the Bank of England in 1992, the Swiss Franc currency shock in 2015 and the Pound/Yen carry unwind in 2008.

Once you get the reader excited, talk about how the Hong Kong dollar could be the next big trade, and where you can bet on it.



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